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With inReach it is easy to follow progress of a friend, family member, colleague etc. Just for fun or for security!

“no news” used to be the same as “good news” … today it is the opposit “no news”  is often an indicator of “bad news” !!!!

PLB Personal Location Beacon – or SEND Satellite Emergency Notification Device?


The purpose of this document is to explain some of the differences between the two technologies and what device may be the most suitable for each application.

To evaluate the options available, it is necessary to understand the satellite constellation and the emergency support networks.


Delorme inReach

Delorme inReach

DeLorme – now part of GARMIN is the long-time innovation leader in mapping and GPS solutions for the consumer, professional, and government markets. Every major product in the company’s history has introduced new thinking and new technology, and DeLorme’s groundbreaking influence on the mapping and GPS markets has been unparalleled.  

DeLorme, inReach distribution in Switzerland –

DeLorme, inReach distribution en Suisse –

Delorme, inReach Distribution in der Schweiz –



ACR Electronics, Inc. is the leading development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives.  Through our combined technology expertise in the marine, aviation, outdoor and military markets, we design and manufacture cutting edge rescue beacons and survival gear for boaters, pilots, hunters, hikers and combat troops, not to mention many of the leading boat builders and aircraft manufacturers in the industry.

ACR distribution in Switzerland –

ACR distribution en Suisse –

ACR Distribution in der Schweiz –



Ocean Signal – Offering exceptional value, the Ocean Signal range of products will give commercial, fishing and recreational users the confidence that their equipment will work to, and beyond, their expectations when it is needed most. Ocean Signal customers are its highest priority. Using the latest technologies available and paying meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, Ocean Signal™ believes its products will be the best in class and to provide the higheststandards of communication and safety at sea.

Ocean Signal distribution in Switzerland –

Ocean Signal distribution en Suisse –

Ocean Signal Distribution in der Schweiz –


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